Top 3 Dos and Don’ts For Baby Photographer

baby photos DublinDealing with babies, instead of adults or children, in a photography session does pose its own challenges. And with it, comes regulations and precautions that a photographer and parents alike should know.

Babies are fragile and weak by nature. They are unable to protect themselves or even realize that they are in a dangerous situation. They are also unable to say it when they feel uncomfortable. These are just some reasons that whenever you capture baby photos Dublin, you need to know the Dos and Don’ts.

The Dos

1.      Find new inspiration

Not just to start up your business, but until the end of your photographer career. It is important that you are able to keep up with the new updates and trends. At the same time, you should use your creativity to take some of those trends and create your own style.

This includes buying new props, backdrops, and accessories for baby photography. This will give parents lots of choices to make.

2.      Reassure mothers

Tell them that the session is going to be a fun one. It might take long or short, depending on how the baby is going cooperate. But, all in all, the most important part is to have parents and their baby enjoy the photography session.

Provide some refreshments for parents as they wait. Prevent them from having a boring experience and feeling like it’s a ‘dragging’ moment.

3.      Be patient and tell the parents the same thing

Babies are not going to understand your command. Even if they do, it’ll be limited. Thus, you need to patiently build rapport with them and guide them towards the position that you want them to.

Asking for parents; help, in this case, is okay! They are closer and babies will listen to them more. They will also smile and laugh easier if parents are there to encourage them.

The Don’ts

1.      Get mad

This is the ultimate move to ruin the experience and the photography session. Unhappy babies are not necessarily bad, but if this is because you are angry, then, well, parents are not going to be happy either.

Stay patient and build rapport with them. Having a love for kids and babies will be a plus.

2.      Use props that you just got

As in don’t use them before wiping them clean or putting them in a washing machine. This will clean up a dangerous and dirty substance that may come with the products as it was sent from the factory directly. You don’t want those babies to go home with redness and itchy skin, would you?

3.      Use props that you are not sure with

Do not use that bean bag if you are not sure if it will hold the baby well. In fact, don’t buy it if you are not sure of its durability. Only when you’re used to an accessory or if other professional photographers have seconded a product that you should use it with your clients.

This is the main points that you will want to keep in mind whenever you take baby photos Dublin. Remember: keep the experience a positive thing for your customers to tell to others whenever they are finished with you.  Check out for even more inspiration and advice!

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