You Want to Hire Multiple Wedding Photographers Surrey? Check Out Our Amazing Tips

wedding photographers SurreyEvery wedding photographer is different is what they can do and hiring two come with a lot of benefits. Each of them can cover each other’s weaknesses. They have their own role and task to fulfill during a wedding photography session. If you are one of those who hires multiple wedding photographers Surrey, here are the things that you need to remember.

What are their roles?

When you plan to hire an additional photographer, you need to remember asking about the second photographer’s job. You want to pay the right amount for the wedding photographer you are getting. So, for example, you are not going to pay an extra $500 for an assistant whose role is just to help the lead photographer carry his equipment.

Make sure to know the role, experience, and skill of the second photographer as well. Meet him in person during the discussion if possible so you can be sure that you are hiring the right person for the job.

Compare the benefits

There are benefits to hiring multiple photographers to only a single photographer for the job. You can hire multiple photographers to get more pictures, but remember that more is not always better. You also need to make sure of the quality of the picture both photographers can produce. You want the pictures that you get are of the quality that you are paying for.

A single photographer is already responsible for many things and they are used to capturing everything themselves. He gives consultation, provides advice, takes pictures and then proceeds to edit the pictures for clients. And then, the photographer will print out the pictures in the wedding album for you.

For example, if you had hired professional wedding photographers Surrey like Captive Photography, you don’t have to worry about hiring another person for the job.

Hire a team

Make sure that you are also hiring wedding photographers who are also used to working together. A pair of wedding photographers who understand each other are better partners. They are more likely to do their job well and ensure that they can capture the best pictures for you. They are less likely to have problems with each other as well.

An example would be hiring husband and wife pair of photographers to work on your wedding photography. They are more open to each other and are eager to talk about how they should plan for your wedding photography. They also know their own job and parts.

Know your needs

You might need multiple wedding photographers in order to get a complete collection of your own wedding album. Depending on how big your wedding party is going to be, know that your needs will depend on your preferences as well as your wedding party’s size – number of guests. The bigger it is, the more photographers you will need so everything in your wedding gets covered.

If you are planning to hire multiple wedding photographers Surrey, here are the things that you should remember.

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4 Reasons Why Clients Are Disappointed With Their Wedding Photographers

wedding photographer SurreyThere are so many sides that you have to watch from marketing to post-service and sometimes, clients can’t be satisfied with all you’ve done and you don’t even know where you went wrong.

We have compiled the 4 things that many photographers have gone wrong and hopefully you can avoid them and keep your clients happy.

Editing…too much

Of course, editing is part of your job. A little stamp here and a bit blur there will make the pictures look so much more fabulous if done only necessarily and subtly.

Clients and even you yourself wouldn’t want someone to play around with your pic, using multiple filters, and even making so many changes that make it seems like you had a plastic surgery before taking the pictures. That’s what clients do not like. You are hired to take pictures of the wedding, not editing (though you need to know some basics of it).

Stay natural and maintain originality. It is even better if you can just show the party as it is and capture the precious, amazing or funny moments without filters. A wedding photographer Surrey true quality is seen in pictures with minimal editing.

Posing every second

It’s not your studio or anybody’s studio. It’s a wedding party and unless you are taking posed pictures outside the party, you should not be making the pair pose every second for your camera. Grab every moment you find memorable, even the little stuffs going on around you, for example, that kid who’s holding a flower in his hand, or that food décor that looks authentic.

During the different sessions of the party you can shoot for the emotions of the different people there, instead of making them pose and maybe look at your camera (which kills the emotions).

Didn’t talk about it beforehand

There’s a LOT of things you should discuss with your clients. You should not assume they know what you’ll do. Explain the flow, what you will do, and what they need to do to get a complete image of the wedding. Talk a few times with them before the wedding, which is usually less than a year before the actual event.

Let the client talk about themselves and listen attentively. Regularly ask for updates on the progress of the wedding, such as the dress they’ll wear, the venue, décor, accommodation, etc. Only then you can tailor your package and skills to your client’s needs. This will lead to my fourth and last point.

Straightly business

I have mentioned about having a proper talk with the pair before the event. Maybe you had a proper talk with them. You’ve discussed the cost, packaging, extra charge for extra hour and photographers, so you think you’ve done everything.

Or not. You haven’t presented yourself the way you are supposed to: as a photographer. As a wedding photographer Surrey, have you presented how you can be the right person for the job? Have you shown how you imagine the pictures to be and how you’ve understood their wishes and party theme?

We all understand that photographers work partly to earn their meals, but most clients come with skills as their first priority.

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Why Invest On Surrey Wedding Photography

hire this Surrey wedding photographerYou are probably thinking that you don’t really need to hire someone out for his professional wedding photography services just because of the fact that you are surrounded by friends and family members all throughout the wedding but this just might turn out to be one of the biggest mistakes that you will end up making by and large. You have to understand that the people close to you are there because they want to share that special day with you. They would want to spend time with you during the wedding. They want to be part of the moments and the memories that are being made and relying on them to document the most important moments during your wedding might have you end up missing the chance to get the best moments photographed the right way.

You need a professional or an expert in wedding photography in control all the time when it comes to the photographing you, your partner, and the rest of the other guests who will be attending the wedding. This is not something that you would want to leave up to chance hoping that your appointed friend or relative doesn’t miss anything at the end of the day. Wedding photography is something that is so much more than just having someone around during the day of the wedding and arming that person with a camera. It requires planning and technique and impeccable composition. These are things that only a professional Surrey wedding photographer will be able to bring to the table.

Think of wedding photography as an investment that you need to make in order to make sure that everything pans out for you the right way.

The coverage of your wedding is the one most important thing that you need to start paying attention to. Once the wedding is done and over with, the people will go home, the food all gone, the decorations pulled down and set aside; but you will always have pictures to remember that special day by. These pictures are things that you will treasure all the days of your life. If you are starting to wonder how much money you should be spending on it in the first place, keep it to a limit of up to 10 percent. This should give you enough room to move around in when you have other wedding vendors to take off from the wedding venue to the atelier to your caterers, florists, and the like. Putting a good range on the professional wedding photography services that you are planning to hire out will help keep you grounded and help you make sound decisions while you are at it.

Booking in advance can actually help you save a little bit of money on wedding photography.

A lot of wedding photographers out there actually give out discounts to clients who book roughly around a year out. This requires a down payment, of course, but when you think of the amount of money that you will be saving, you will be more than happy to go ahead, put out an advance payment one way or the other and hire this Surrey wedding photographer

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