Cinematic-style: What it’s all About

wedding videography WaterfordYou might have encountered several photography sites where they offer wedding photography packages along with cinematic-style wedding videography Waterford. Or you might have seen how some videographers divide their services into the type of videography they provide. One of them must be a cinematic style and it typically costs more expensive than the others.

What is it all about and why would you want this style? Let us tell you why and perhaps, show you why!

A movie about your love story

Cinematic style of wedding videography shows your wedding as if it’s a movie out of a real-life situation. Because of this, even though there are numerous videographers that provide movie style of videography, their results can be totally different from each other. It heavily depends on your videographer’s creativity and video editing skills.

The most time-consuming part of this style is the editing part. One might have to crop out 80% of the total clip and use only a glance of each. Sometimes, he might have to come up with a new idea and shoot even more things aside from the wedding party.

The total length of the movie is usually an hour or less long. Too short? Well, we’d want to know when you will watch a 4-hour-long wedding video for a second or third time in your life.

Who does it?

Cinematic-style of wedding videography is a level higher than the traditional wedding videos you see from your parents. It’s not just about shooting the whole event but planning how it will look like in a movie as your cameraman work on the spot. A professional wedding videography Waterford service that we can recommend you is from

You need to find someone who’s experienced in not just as a videographer, but also an editor of his own videos. Like the person we’ve just recommended, you need to also see their portfolios and like his works before deciding on anything. Whether or not your video’s USB will pile up dust in your home or become a monthly thing depends on this.

Why you won’t look sideways no more

The traditional way of taking wedding videos usually have the videographer in charge of capturing everything. From each of the guest entering the hall, the whole performances, the couples and family members eating through the end of the day or party, whichever comes later. It’s a long, tedious, movie that helps you sleep at night.

These days, however, people know what we actually want and don’t really want to see from our wedding. What is it that we want? Our parents, our first kiss, throw-the-bouquet, and sentimental moments. We don’t want to be kept reminded of the list of guests that came by seeing them enter the hall for an hour.

Documentary style, which is only slightly different from the cinematic style and is often thought the same, is similar in this sense as well. However, it has a longer run time of up to or more than 2 hours. Sometimes, though, you will be provided highlights or feature edits for your documentary wedding videography Waterford which is similar to cinematic-style movies.

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